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Welcome to Rutland County Golf Club Senior's Section WEB site. The purpose of this site is keep our members fully informed of what is happening within the Senior's Section of Rutland County Golf Club. Within its pages you will find the Events Diary, which gives the FULL list of events for the coming year. This page links with the draw sheets for all the competitions and the teams picked for each of the Inter Club matches, of which we have 24 this coming season.  A pictorial introduction to this years Seniors Committee Members, so you know who to contact with ideas, compliments and complaints.  A write up of the week’s events is posted in Latest News, so everyone knows where the prizes are going, and the handicap changes. The Seniors Open, click here for a link to the page for details. The History Site has been designed to run in parallel to the main Seniors WEB site . Designed to cover historical subjects and photos of events over the years since it’s inauguration.                                                                                                       Steve Markham                                                                                                                                  Seniors Captain 2019


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New members are most welcome. We do ask that on your first day at the club you make contact with our Brian Kirby the WEB Master to enable him to record your contact details. Contact The Club’s main office can be contacted:- Telephone: 01780 460330

Captain’s Message for 2019

Steve Markham Captain
Stuart Butler Vice Captain
Ron Jenkins Secretary
Keith Wright Treasurer
Mat Kunen Committee Member
John Killin Committee Member
John Crossley Committee Member
Richard Simmons Committee Member
Brian Kirby Committee Member
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Simon Gauntley Past Captain
Having joined RCGC from Toft some six years ago, I never expected to be elected seniors captain, an honour I am extremely proud of. Only having taken up golf some nine years ago, it has taken a lot of effort to get a handicap, what with severe lung issues and three years of operations on my left knee and foot. This has seen my weight blossom by two stone and I am aiming to get that back down somewhat. My background is motor sport, where I was very successful in all forms of competition, particularly rallying. Champion navigator many times, before turning to driving. Thereafter began many years at the top of club rallying, culminating in winning a National championship in 1989 and runner up the year after. I have been Clerk of the Course on three major rallies as well as 23 years as start Marshall for various stock car promotors. I have held officer posts in three motor clubs, from Chairman down and am used to running events. I have a good committee around me during my year as seniors captain, people I have every confidence in, so it should be a great season. Any potential new members would be well received at RCGC, we are a very friendly club and encourage players of all abilities. Come and join us for a game, you will not regret it.
My chosen charity during my reign, is Motor Sport for MS. Multiple Sclerosis, a dreadful disease that afflicts so many people of any age. My very good friend Noel Wilson, who is totally debilitated by MS, came up with a ‘bloody silly idea’ almost three years ago, by wishing to set an official lap time at every MSA licenced race circuit in the UK mainland and collect money toward research and a cure for MS. All done by bucket collections. His initial target was to raise £20 thousand pounds. To date, he is over £25k, an incredible effort. Visit his website to read the full story. MS4MS has linked up with the Peterborough branch of the MS Society and they will actively help us with our fund raising throughout my year and monies raised will be split between them. This is a direct link across to the dedicated page to Rutland County Seniors on Noels web site. Hi, my name is Noel Wilson. I’m an ex Motor Sports Instructor, Rally Navigator, Kart Circuit Manager and Race Car Spanner Man. I worked in the Corporate Entertainment Industry for 20 years. In 2013 I was diagnosed with MS. Initially, fear and anger set in, why me? I couldn’t just sit around, and at approximately 2am on New Year’s Day 2016, after consuming rather too much of a very nice Merlot, I came up with what I still call, a ‘bloody silly idea’. My idea? To take a standard mobility scooter around the UK’s motor racing circuits and set an official lap time, at the same time collecting money for the MS Society. I plucked a figure out of the air to raise, £20,000. NO CHANCE I thought the next morning. IT WILL NEVER WORK. That was the initial reaction when I presented my idea in front of some of my fellow Circuit Instructors. Then, just one email struck lucky, landing in the right person’s inbox. John Hammersley has been racing for years and has an amazing amount of racing knowledge and contacts. He also happened to be the Chairman of the CSCC, The Classic Sports Car Club. I explained the idea and he asked me to email him with a complete run down. MR AND MRS MARKHAM GET INVOLVED. I had known Steve (a fellow motor sport instructor) for many years and I phoned him, to explain what I was planning and to see if he would help. His initial reaction was ‘Wilson you are mad’, just the reaction I have had for years! Eventually, after some arm twisting by myself and Steve and Ann’s daughter Tracey, they agreed to join the ‘Motor Sport for MS team’. THINGS GET STARTED. I was lucky, that a contact from my Instructing days, saw what we were doing and offered, to wrap the scooter in the same striking chrome colour scheme, as a mutual friend’s LMP2 race car. He just happened to have won Le Mans in 2015 in the car! At this time, we were also forced to get the scooter’s speed increased from 4 to 8 miles an hour. The reason, we were ‘too slow’. We were required to take on the laps over the lunch break. On the longer circuits the lunch break lasted some 40 minutes. At 4 miles an hour it would take us 40 minutes to complete the lap. After a lot of conversation with our technical guy we managed to have a new motor and transaxle installed, enabling us to complete the laps at 8 miles per hour. All the scooter needed now, was a race seat and a 6-point harness and we were ready to go. LET’S GET ON THE CIRCUITS. Permission was given by the CSCC to complete our first lap. On April 30th 2016 I sat on the grid at Silverstone, not quite believing what we have done. From May to October 2016 we managed to complete 10 official times on circuits and hill climbs. Steve and Annie were invaluable over this time, coming along and helping at the events. We have done it, we suddenly have credibility. AS TIME GOES ON. We continued in 2017 with ever more exotic projects. Who would consider taking a mobility scooter around the 37.73 miles of the Isle of Man TT circuit? I would, with a lap time of 4 hours 33 mins. Over the summer we were also invited to Guernsey, to take on the British Championship hill climb course, with full sponsorship from a new set up company, Guernsey Mobility. By November 2017 I was amazed, in the fact that we had hit our £20,000 target, never in my wildest dreams did I think this possible. 2018, WHY GIVE UP? Early in 2018, I was contacted by the MS Society and told that I'd been shortlisted for the 2018 MS Society fundraiser of the year. One Saturday in March we set off to County Hall London for the award ceremony. I'm sure you can imagine, how amazed I was when this 'bloody silly idea', was announced as the MS Society's fundraiser of the year. Throughout 2018 we continued with the project and in October we completed our last ever official lap in the UK at Lydden Hill, meaning, we now hold an official lap time on every MSA licenced circuit on the UK mainland. We have now raised in excess of £26,000. HOW HONOURED WE FEEL. I feel extremely honoured to have been asked by Steve to join you, as his nominated charity for his year as Captain. We have linked up with the Peterborough MS Society Group and are pleased to announce that all, of the money raised by the RCGC, throughout Steve’s time as Captain will be presented to the Peterborough Group in 2020. I know Steve has some exciting events planned for the Rutland County Golf Club during his tenur and I will be behind him and the Club as much as my health will allow.

Captains Charity 2019