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Weekending 16th November 2019 Monday 11 th November.
The course has been inspected this morning (Monday), the
front 9 is completely out of commission, but the back 9 is
playable but no buggies.
With this in mind the shot gun start scheduled for tomorrow
morning is cancelled, but anyone who would like to play is
welcome to make their own arrangements to play the back 9.
The A.G.M. will begin at 2p.m. all are requested to be seated in
good time.
Don’t forget that if you would like to dine before the meeting,
you are requested to make a booking with your request a.s.a.p. Tuesday 12th November. The A.G.M Day has arrived bringing with it yet more rain making the course virtually unplayable so the planned shotgun start stableford was cancelled. The attendance for the meeting was very gratifying, taking into account that due to prior bookings a large number of our new members were attending an away day. Our outgoing Captain Steve Markham addressed the meeting with a summary of his year in office, it went as follows:- 2019 Seniors Captain final address The seniors section of RCGC has been pretty much my life over the past twelve months. I have thrown myself into the job, as I did with my motor sport career. There has been the occasional run in along the way and as with all ‘captain/chairman type’ rolls there are inevitably bridges to cross, problems to solve and of course, the odd ‘ego’ to massage. In the main, I am pretty well pleased with the progress the section has made during my term. The influx of new members from North Luffenham has increased the size of the section from a figure of 108 this time a year ago, to 146 at the last count and it is pleasing to see seventy plus players for drawn competitions and fifty plus for most roll ups each week. I asked Andrew Boyce to step up to the committee in an advisory capacity, to aid the integration of the new members to our fold, a job he has accomplished magnificently and I am pleased he has accepted our invitation to join us on a more permanent working role. The introduction of Jasen Barker and James Close has meant we now once more have a proper professional shop, where players can peruse the goods on offer. The shop is well stocked with top equipment and the coaching is second to none, I sincerely hope it is allowed to continue. With the pro’s help, Mark Durno and I have been able to encourage the reintroduction of a junior section, something we have needed for some time. If you have grandchildren, then encourage them to join and learn the game. It can hopefully grow and there is no better place for them to learn with our current set up. My committee have been brilliant throughout my tenure, always there to help, advise and nudge me in the right direction. We have mostly seen eye to eye and got the job done. One of my best moves when I took the vice roll for Simon, was to persuade Maurice Arnold to come back on the committee in an advisory role, a job he has seen through brilliantly and I honestly would have been lost on many occasions without his guidance. In return, I finally got his ‘Pope Mobile’ running reliably once more, payment in itself for his great mentoring. Sadly he has decided that he no longer wishes to carry out this role as competition co-ordinator, he says enough – is enough and he is happy for someone else to ‘knit the fog’ that is organising seniors golf! Knowing dad, he will be around to give advice where and when needed, just ask. At this point, I should like to present Maurice with a token of my sincere appreciation for his help, advice and friendship. Take a bow mate. Our good friend Peter Knowles survived an awful health scare earlier in the year and his recovery from that has been an inspiration to me and many others. His determination to carry on playing is incredible and I am so proud the committee, led in this instance by Ron Jenkins, found enough members willing to give up a Thursday once in a while to ensure Peter gets some golf each week. He is always great company and I hope he carries on for as long as he is able. Inter club matches have not gone too well, though the competition has been keen and enjoyable. We have been shown great hospitality and received terrific food wherever we have played. The stats don’t make good reading, with twenty seven matches played, nine wins, two halved and sixteen lost. Total games for = 87, total games against = 104. There were two matches I was sadly unable to play in owing to buggy bans and three more while on holiday. Had I played in those, it would have tilted the balance in our favour – haha. I gift a bottle of wine to the player who has supported my teams 25 times from 27 and been a stalwart of the team, Andrew Boyce. Well done mate, that is terrific support and I totally appreciate your commitment. Keith Wright put in 23 appearances and John Adkins 21, the same as me. Thank you all who have supported me. Two names on my team sheets come to mind for very sad reasons. John Bremner loved the challenge but sadly succumbed to sudden but fatal heart failure and died recently, a great guy and a huge loss to the club. Eric Norton as you know has terminal cancer and again is very sorely missed by us all. As John Adkins said to me, it’s good to be a bad arse because the big man upstairs only takes the good ones! My chosen charity has been Motorsport for MS, run by my very close friend Noel Wilson. Noel has raised an incredible thirty three thousand five hundred pounds plus, in less than four years and the amazing sum we have been able to add through the generosity of Rutland County Seniors, has helped swell it to almost double his original ‘wild target’ of £20k, from what started as a bloody silly idea! With considerable effort from sponsorship for captains day, auctions, functions and a magnificent effort by my wife Ann and our good friend Ron Jenkins raising so much from raffles, Stewart Hatch has added £504 to the funds with his 59 club, absolutely brilliant and Brian Kirby gave me so much help and kept the web site updated. Ron, Stewart and Rip, please accept a bottle of vintage wine as proof of my appreciation! Presentation of the Charity Cheque. To the seniors section, I give my sincere thanks for your perseverance throughout my year. I have done my best and I hope it has been good enough. You are a great group of people, I have made many lifetime friends and it has been an absolute honour and privilege to have had the opportunity to serve you. My chosen vice-captain was Keith Wright. Simon Gauntley was to take over Keith’s roll as treasurer but it was pointed out that the constitution did not allow a retiring captain to take on an officer’s roll within one year. Keith was asked in my holiday absence, to carry on in his role for a further term. Stuart Butler had indicated that he would like to one day step up to the captains roll and was duly engaged by the committee as Keith’s replacement. Stuart has had a few setbacks throughout the year and has perhaps not been able to put as much time into the roll as he would have liked but when he has, he has been invaluable. I would now like to present Noel with a cheque and he would like to make a very short address in appreciation of your generosity. He will inform you of the total we have raised on behalf of Multiple Sclerosis and I am very proud to have achieved such a figure. It remains for me to wish Stuart Butler the very best of luck during his captains year. If I can be of help in any way, just ask. My thanks to him for his backing and I would like to present him with three tokens of my appreciation. A diary, an alarm clock and a very nice monogramed pen. I wish you every success mate. Steve. Winners of competitions during the year were presented with their trophies and winnings. Our new Seniors Captain Stuart Butler was voted in and we were introduced to his Vice Captain Keith Wright. Stuart did make a welcome speech but unfortunately I have no record. Seniors Captain Stuart Butler. oooOOOooo Friday 15th November Past Seniors Captains Day 15 th November 2019 This annual event encompassing as many Past Captains that can make it was played today with ten playing for the shield and six attending the lunch only. Due to first nine being closed, being water logged, the competition taking place by playing the second nine twice. John Phipps was the hero of the day scoring 41 points, being his first win of the shield, congratulations John. Ray Taylor keeping John honest with a score of 40 points. Todays winner John Phipps receives the trophy from Tony Whiting. The lunch was held in the Hardwick room with our ladies running up and down the stairs, they did a grand job, including our new chef who produced a really good meal. Great to see all the “old” faces who made the effort to attend. A good day organised by Tony Whiting.
Doubles k.o. winners Alan Bainbridge & Ian Rice
O.O.M. winner John Hastings.
Singles k.o. winner Stuart Butler.
Past Captains gather for lunch.
Monday 18 th November.
The course has been inspected this morning (Monday), the front 9, holes
1,2, 8 & 9 are playable , the back 9 is playable.
It has been decided that Week 5 of the Winter Stableford should go
ahead on the available holes to keep the competition rolling.
The roll up will be run in the usual manner.
See you all in the morning