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Week ending Saturday 25th May 2019
Tuesday 21st May
Rutland County Seniors travelled to Melton Mowbray for the return fixture in this year’s events. Our Captain commented “A beautiful day on a lovely course, in great condition, could not sadly bring us a win. The result was a 6 and 2 loss and he also lost his 100% record!” A side story connected to the match at Melton. Reported by Alistair Scott. Hoist by my own petard, comes to mind with this report. Having been picked been picked for the match against Melton Mowbray. I duly turned up at the appointed time of 08:30hrs, unfortunately I was at Rutland County and should have been at Melton. Cue for a substantial amount of abuse. In mitigation I would have had to drop in at Rutland to pick up my gear anyway _ _ _ another everyday story of the Senior Section. The results: Meanwhile back at Rutland 43 members played in an individual stableford competition, in beautiful spring conditions. Scoring for the top places in each division was good. Results: Division 1 Dave Waddell returned 43 points to take 1st place. 2nd place with 39 points John Adkins. 3rd place with 37 points Steve Moss. Division 2 1st place with 40 points a.c.b. Graham Purslow. 2nd place with 40 points a.c.b. Tom Elwood. 3rd place with 38 points Tom Byrne. 2’s Competition. Geoff Clyde on the 7th. Ian Dobson on the 15th. Colin Brown on the 17th. Handicap Adjustments. Increase. Ian Collis 26 to 27. New exact H/cap 26.5. Decreases. Tom Elwood 23 to 22. New exact H/cap 21.8. Graham Purslow 24 to 23. New exact H/cap 23.4. Dave Waddell 11 to 10. New exact H/cap 9.9. John Adkins 15 to 15. New exact H/cap 15.0. oooOOOooo Thursday 23r5d May Another good turn out for the 2 from 3 roll up, Pip,s Putter Competition plus a couple of knockout matches giving a grand total of 58 players. Captain’s Notices. 1. John Bremner has spent a short time in hospital following a couple of small strokes on Monday, he is now at home but has an appointment with a specialist to see what course they will take with his treatment. He is now at home following his ordeal, not looking any worse for the experience but will be taking things a little slower for a while. His sends his regards to all. 2.Thursdays match with Elton Furze is now a Home match on Wednesday, first tee at 10:00a.m. 3. On Sunday 23rd June there is an Open Gents Individual Stableford, £5.00 for members and £15.00 for non-members. 4. Sheets are up in the locker room for the Ramsey and Greetham away matches. 5. Thanks to Ian Collis for organising the Pip’s Putter competition. Todays Results: The winning team for the 2 from 3 with a score of 85 points. Dave Waddell, Kenny Windsor and Alan Weedon. Best front 9 ….. Phil Cuttle with 21 points. Best back 9 ….. John Rudin with 23 points. Winners in Pip’s Putter Competition. 9 holers winner …… 18 holers winner …… Rex Houlden with 22 points. John Rudin with 41 points. Knockout results. Derek Cooper & Ian Dobson beat Charlie Laverty & Graham Purslow and now meet Malcolm Hird & Andrew Boyce on round 2. Alan Bainbridge & Ian Rice beat Colin Brown & Brian Kirby to go through to round 3. oooOOOooo On the Course There was some debate today when the course was buzzed by a yellow helicopter. All theories centred on Alan Weedon. It was thought to be an Air Ambulance keeping close station in case of emergency. Another thought was it was an Electricity ‘copter in case Alan’s buggy died and needed recharging. Lastly runours abounded that it was Alan’s getaway ‘copter jn case the old bill were to appear on the scene. You make up your own mind!!!! Top of Page
Steve Markham & John Crossley Lost  3 & 2 Stuart Butler & Andrew Boyce Won 2 up John Goff & Pete Chippendale Lost  2 & 1 Keith Wright & Ron Jenkins Lost  5 & 3 Alistair Scott & Stewart Hatch Lost  4 & 3 Reg Parker & Bill Murray Lost   2 down Simon Gauntley & Mike Gamble Lost  3 & 2 Malcolm Hird & Jerry Jolly Won 1 up  Melton Mowbray Seniors v Rutland County Seniors Date of match Opponents Matches  played Won Halved  Lost Total  Games  For Total  Games  Against 4th March 2019 Beedles Lakes (H) 1 0 0 1 3½ 4½ 11th March 2019 Rutland Water (H) 2 0 0 2 5½ 8½ 18th March 2019 Toft (H) 3 0 0 3 9 13 27th March 2019 Belton Woods (H) 4 1 0 3 13½ 16½ 15th April 2019 Corby (H) 5 2 0 3 19½ 18½ 25th April 2019 South Kyme (A) 6 3 0 3 24½ 21½ 1st May 2019 Melton Mowbray (H) 7 4 0 3 30½ 23½ 8th May 2019 Burghley Park (H) 8 4 1 3 34½ 27½ 21st May 2019 Melton Mowbray (A) 9 4 1 4 36½ 33½ 29th May 2019 Elton Furze (H) 3rd June 2019 Thorney Lakes (A)