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Week ending Saturday 22 nd February 2020
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Tuesday 18 th February. A slight improvement in the weather although it was forecast to turn nasty a little later. 41 members turned out to take part in the final round of the Winter Stableford Competition. Scoring varied from very good to disappointing, so conditions were obviously not to everyone’s liking. Good to see a name long missing from the winner’s spot claiming the top spot and the final 12 points of the winter went to Ted Leighton with 40 points. The days results. Division 1 1 st place with 40 points Ted Leighton. 2 nd place with 39 points a.c.b Stuart Butler. 3 rd place with 39 points a.c.b. Pete Siciliano. Division 2 1 st place with 38 points Dave Grieve. 2 nd place with 36 points a.c.b. Andrew Counsell. 3 rd place with 36 points a.c.b. Geoff Emery. 2’s Competition Only one winner today, Stuart Butler managed it on 13 th and scooped the pot for himself. There was another scored on the 13 th by John Crossley BUT he had not contributed his entry fee. Shame and thankyou quoted Stuart. Handicap Adjustments. The top 4 all had reductions in their exact handicap, but none actually changed their playing handicap. Ted Leighton 19.3 down to new exact h/cap of 18.7. Stuart Butler 13.8 down to new exact h/cap of 13.5. Bill Murray 14.8 down to new exact h/cap of 14.5. Pete Siciliano 12.0 down to new exact h/cap of 11.8. Increases. Charlie Laverty 15 to 16 New exact h/cap 15.5. Ray Taylor 15 to 16 New exact h/cap 15.5. WINTER STABLEFORD The Winter Stableford is now complete, we declare and offer our congratulations to the top three places, going to: First Place with an exceptional 88 points the “long time” leader Ian Rice. Second place after chasing hard Bill Murray with 81 points. Third place went to Pete Siciliano with 60 points. The full results table can be found on the Winter Competitions page of the web site. Click here. oooOOOooo IMPORTANT EVENTS and DATES. Sunday 23 rd February 2 p.m. Main Club E.G.M. Wednesday 26 th February 10 a.m. Senior Section E.G.M. oooOOOooo