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Week ending Saturday 6th July 2019
URGENT MESSAGE Gentlemen, above is the fine menu that has been put together for the Captain’s Charity Dinner. I think you will all agree that it is quite a grand spread. We urgently require confirmation from you all that you will be attending the event as the kitchen staff are asking for numbers. The sheet is on the Seniors notice board in the locker room, please append your names a.s.a.p. or if you are not going to be at the club at all please contact either Steve Markham (01778 590892) or Stuart Butler (01778 348913). We thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Tuesday 2 nd July Double trophy competition today, consisting of July Monthly Stableford and Cliff Knapp Memorial. A good turn-out of members, giving us a field of 69. Unfortunately there were several “no shows” which meant some groups were playing as three balls. Scoring at the top of both divisions was close both good and close with count back being used in both to decide the placings. Captains Notices. 1. We have the pleasure of welcoming Heather Knapp to present the Memorial Trophy. 2. The new bench is now in position at the halfway house. Other sections of the club have generously donated towards the cost. 3. We need names for the Captains Charity Dinner, please add your names to the list in the locker room a.s.a.p. The management are requesting final numbers. 4. Views on the length of the rough need to be made to the management. Concerns are being aired that it is getting as bad as it was a few years ago, when made play almost impossible. 5. The draw for the Captains Charity Day is now on the notice board in the locker room and on the web site. Be prepared for payment to be made before play as you collect your cards at the reception table in the clubroom. Charge is £2.50 for members £12.50 for guests, there will be a raffle and a 2’s competition. 6. Rob Elliott has had his operation and is progressing well. Todays Results: Division 1 First Place and also winner of the Cliff Knapp Memorial Cup John Hastings with 40 points. 2 nd place with 38 points a.c.b. Ian Dobson. 3 rd place with 38 points a.c.b. David Baxter. Division 2 1 st place with 39 points a.c.b. Geoff Osborne. 2 nd place with 39 points a.c.b. Derrick Bell. 3 rd place with 39 points a.c.b. Andrew Counsell. 2’s Competition There were 6 qualifiers for the pot today. They were as follows ….. Malcolm Hird on the 4 th , Keith Sargeson on the 7 th . Barry Malthouse on the 13 th . Kenny Windsor, Bob Matthew and Pete Chippendale all on the 17 th . Nearest the pin on the 4 th ……… Charles Laverty, Nearest the pin on the 17 th ……… Pete Chippendale. Handicap Adjustments. Decreases David Baxter 17 to 16 New exact H/C 16.3 Derrick Bell 33 to 32 New exact H/C 31.9 Ian Dobson 15 to 14 New exact H/C 14.3 John Hastings 18 to 17 New exact H/C 16.6 Increases Colin Brown 24 to 25 New exact H/C 24.5 Stuart Butler 13 to 14 New exact H/C 13.5 Derek Cooper 16 to 17 New exactH/C 16.5 John Crossley 18 to 19 New exact H/C 18.5 David Grieve 22 to 23 New exact H/C 22.5 Malcolm Hird 14 to 15 New exact H/C 14.5 Ted Leighton 18 to 19 New exact H/C 18.5 On the Course. 1. Perseverance is a wonderful condition, but sometimes it is better to admit defeat. Dave Grieve on the 14 th , after a perfect drive put the next three balls soaring out of bounds into the field. The will to live was seen to disappear like the morning mist on a summers day!!!!! 2. Andrew Counsell was faced with this ball position on the 16 th , the comment from his playing partners was “At least it is not out of bounds.” John Rudin is presented with his medal which he won last week. Thursday 4th July The sun continues to shine, and members are still turning out in good numbers for the roll up competitions. 40 players took part in today’s 2 from 3 competition and others were fulfilling their commitments in the summer knockout competitions. CAPTAINS NOTICES 1. The Captains Charity Dinner has now been changed to a full sit down menu. The full menu can be viewed on the notice board and on the website. The price remains the same. 2. We welcome a new member, Terry Barker. Terry joins us from Southwold, Nottinghamshire, We hope his time with us will an enjoyable one. 3. Thanks to Keith for managing todays admin. Scoring in today’s competition was a little above the usual in a number of the groupings with the winning score of 90 points, with six other groups scoring 80 and above. The winning team with 90 points. Ray Taylor , Steve Markham and Bill Murray Best front 9 with 21 points ……. John Bremner. Best back 9 with 23 points ……. Ray Taylor. Summer Knockout Competitions results. Doubles. Alan Bainbridge and Ian Rice beat Bob Matthew and John Hastings, to reach the Semi Finals. Singles. John Goff beat Alistair Scott to move into round 3.