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RUTLAND COUNTY SENIOR'S ORDER OF MERIT 2019 To be won by the person scoring the most points in total over the 16 Qualifying Competitions shown below. In each competition 10 points are awarded to the winner, 9 to the second etc down to 1point for the tenth. In the Club Championship (17Sept) the 2nd to 10th positions are based on net scores after handicap.
 Event Stab Medal Bogey Medal Stab Stab Medal Stab  Medal Stab Medal Stab Cham Medal Stab Medal Total Date 02-Apr 09-Apr 23-Apr 07-May 14-May 04-Jun 08-Jun 02-Jul 16-Jul 06-Aug 20-Aug 10-Sep 17-Sep 24-Sep 01-Oct 08-Oct