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Week ending Sunday 10 th May 2020
Joe Hobson I have just received the sad news that Joe Hobson has passed away. The news came via “Facebook” and the only information we have is that he died from cancer. oooOOOooo A subject that will raise great discussion I have no doubt is the planned handicap system. As a member of England Golf you will have received an email which explains that over the next four weeks they will explain exactly how the new World Handicap System will operate and what you as an individual need to know. oooOOOooo Ray Taylor. Gentlemen, I have received a reply from Ray’s family thanking us for our condolences. They included in their letter the link to a tribute page that has been opened. They requested that due to situation that none of us will be able to attend Ray’s funeral that I make the link to the tribute available to all his friends at the golf club. For those of you who would like to add your thoughts and possibly a donation the link is: oooOOOooo Dear Members I hope you are all safe and well. England Golf has produced guidelines for clubs covering five key areas of pre-planning ahead of any return to playing the game. There is not yet a date for golf to resume, but this framework will allow clubs to prepare well in advance for whenever government allows the re-opening of courses and facilities. We have a planned exchange and completion date of 11th May 2020. I say planned because as you all know occasionally there can be a few hiccups at this stage, but I feel confident about giving this long-awaited news to you now. This means that from that date, the responsibility for all matters involved in reopening of the Club and the 2020/2021 Membership will fall to the new owner. Once again, on behalf of the Staff, I would like to send heartfelt thanks to those of you who have asked me to put the outstanding credit from your membership cards into a pot for our Staff who are currently furloughed. I will personally ensure that everyone gets their share on 11th May 2020 as a thank you from our Members. So once again we send our warmest best wishes to you all. Simone
Club Update - 04/05/2020
World Handicap System - An Introduction
The launch of the World Handicap System on 2 November 2020 is fast-approaching and we wanted you to ‘know the score’ on the upcoming changes. The World Handicap System is designed to be simple and easy to understand. During a four-part education series we aim to demonstrate this to all golfers.
The focus of week one is : An introduction to the World Handicap System
We've created a new area on the England Golf website which will be updated each week with fresh education topics. This week we focus on the key basics:
How your Handicap index is calculated
What is a Course Handicap
When to return a score for handicap purposes
In next week's newsletter we will go into more detail about your Handicap Index and Course Handicap.