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Week ending Saturday 22nd June 2019
Tuesday 18th June
It was good to be out on the coarse once more, and 63 members took advantage of the fine weather to get out and stretch their legs after the dreadful week of continuous rain we have just suffered. It was a less taxing team game today a pleasant game of Texas Scramble. Just the job for getting back into the swing. Captains Notices. 1. Played with Maurice today, once again his buggy refused to go. Hang my head in shame …… it was my fault. It does help if the machine is in gear. 2. Match sheets will be posted on the board on Thursday for Burghley Park away on 15 th July and South Kyme home on 22 nd July. 3. Captains Day. The list is getting filled up, if you are playing and would like to bring a guest, please enter your names on the list a.s.a.p. 4. Some sad news for the older members of the section, Colin Frost passed away last Sunday, our thoughts go out to his family. 5. As most of you know Ann (my dear wife) had a nasty car crash at the weekend, I am pleased to inform you that she is recovering well. 6. Jim Kelly was taken into hospital on Monday with a poor stomach, no details of his progress at this time. 7. Another of our past members Mike Reynolds has had a recurrence of his heart problem, hoping to get into Papworth for treatment next week. Todays Results. Winning team in the Texas Scramble with a net score of 65.5 was: Rod Goss , Stewart Picton and Keith Sargeson. Second place went to: Ian Rice, John Goff and Derrick Bell with a net score of 66.3. Nearest the pin on the 4 th ……… Rod Goss. Nearest the pin on the 17 th ……… John Goff. oooOOOooo Wednesday 19th June Rutland County Seniors travelled to Ramsey today for a close fought match. Captains comments of the day were: We managed to escape most of the wet weather today, in fact it started to rain as Vice and I arrived at the 18th green! We had already won our end, so debunked. We sadly lost a keenly fought match by three and a half to two and a half. Highlights of the day. Ali Scott played away, not at home. Bill Murray got the right course. Reg Parker was not last arriving. Andrew Boyce turned up! Andrew Boyce had a violent fight with his errant buggy on the ninth green when it overturned and Stuart's comments were not well received. A very good days golf on such a pretty, challenging course. oooOOOooo Thursday 20th June We seem to have returned to normality with the weather, able to get out twice in a week without getting wet. The course seems to have enjoyed the soaking it has received and is beginning to look a picture. The format for today’s roll up was the old favourite “2 from 3”, in which 39 members took part. Scoring on the whole seemed a little lower than normal for this format but we did have run-away trio who dovetailed very nicely to table a winning score of 82 points, this was six points clear of the second placed group. Today’s winners with 82 points. Best front 9 with 19 points ……… Ray Caley. Best back 9 with 20 points ……… Mick Miller. Summer Knockout Competition results. Singles. Phil Davis beat Keith Wright to reach round 3. John Crossley beat Pete Chippendale to reach round 3. Barry Malthouse beat Andrew Counsell and now meets Jim Ashworth in round 3. Doubles. Bob Matthew & John Hastings beat Stewart Hatch & Reg Parker and now meet Alan Bainbridge and Ian Rice in the Quarter Finals. oooOOOooo Top of page
Colin Frost
  Steve Markham & Stuart Butler Won 5 & 4 John Adkins & Steve Moss Won 8 & 7 Keith Wright & Stewart Hatch Lost  7 & 5 Reg Parker & Ron Jenkins Lost  3 & 2 Alistair Scott & Andrew Boyce Lost  2 & 1 Bill Murray & Jerry Jolly Half Ramsey Seniors v Rutland County Seniors Date of match Opponents Matches  played Won Halved  Lost Total  Games  For Total  Games  Against 4th March 2019 Beedles Lakes (H) 1 0 0 1 3½ 4½ 11th March 2019 Rutland Water (H) 2 0 0 2 5½ 8½ 18th March 2019 Toft (H) 3 0 0 3 9 13 27th March 2019 Belton Woods (H) 4 1 0 3 13½ 16½ 15th April 2019 Corby (H) 5 2 0 3 19½ 18½ 25th April 2019 South Kyme (A) 6 3 0 3 24½ 21½ 1st May 2019 Melton Mowbray (H) 7 4 0 3 30½ 23½ 8th May 2019 Burghley Park (H) 8 4 1 3 34½ 27½ 21st May 2019 Melton Mowbray (A) 9 4 1 4 36½ 33½ 29th May 2019 Elton Furze (H) 10 5 1 4 40 36 3rd June 2019 Thorney Lakes (A) 11 6 1 4 46 36 10th June 2019 Boston (A) 12 6 1 5 47½ 40½ 19th June 2019 Ramsey (A) 13 6 1 6 50 44 26th June 2019 Greetham Valley (A) 15th July 2019 Burghley Park (A)