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Week ending Saturday 2nd November 2019
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Tuesday 29 th October It is with sadness that I have to announce the passing of Peter Jones. We offer our condolences on behalf of the Section to all his family at this sad time. Peter was one of the founder members of the Seniors Section, in fact it was he at the original meeting who suggested the formation of the Senior Section, we have a lot to thank him for. Always a jovial character, good organiser and always welcomed new members and ideas. Peter stopped playing some years ago, but Gordon has kept the lines of communication open with him. The following is an extract from a Seniors News Letter which will no doubt be of interest to all the members that knew him. This was the 1995 team selection list found somewhere amongst Peter’s possessions. The board was a piece of hardboard 60 X 30 cm covered a piece of white paper, they include Ron Yardley, Peter Wass, John Meadows, Bill Ansell, Don Barnes, Mike Frankish, Graham Farrar, Mike Chamberlin, Gerry Gray, Stan Jones, Tim Brown, Gordon Starkie, Bob Hawkins, Frank Ridge, Ian Rutherford, Alan Weedon, Dick Wray and Peter Jones. The funeral will be held at the Marholm Crematorium on Friday 22 nd November at 2.30 p.m. We have no further details at this time. We arrive at week three of the Winter Stableford, the weather was fine and bright with a little nip in the air. Some of the bunkers were out of play and Winter Rules were in operation. There was a good turnout of 61 members looking to improve their position on the Winter Stableford table. CAPTAINS NOTICES. 1. The draw for the Winter Doubles has been completed and is already on the website, will also be displayed on the locker room notice board on Thursday. The competition may be started from the 1 st of November. 2. The final clear out of my Charity boxes produced £37.49 which along with a donation of £5.00 from Ron Snape and £2.51 from the match day floats gave a total of £45.00. Thanks to all for their generosity. 3. It is still not too late to get your names down for the official Seniors Christmas Dinner at the Black Horse at Baston. See Keith Wright with your payments. 4. Rob Elliott has now completed his “Chemo” treatment, hopes to be back playing in February. 5. I will be visiting Eric Norton this afternoon, will pass on everyone’s regards. 6. Point of interest. Peter Siciliano did not score a “2” today!!!! 7. Result of todays competition. We had a runaway winner in both divisions. Division 1 John Goff returned 41 points to take 1 st place. 2 nd place was the regular face of Bill Murray with 37 points a.c.b. 3 rd place was Ted Leighton with 37 points a.c.b. Division 2 Pete Chippendale took 1 st place and the 12 points in the Winter Stableford with a score of 42 points. 2 nd place with 36 points a.c.b. was John Rudin. 3 rd place with 36 points a.c.b. was Jerry Jolly. 2’s Competition. There was a glut of 2’s this morning, ten in fact but, only 8 were able to share the pot, we had 2 non payers. Benefactors were: Dave Waddell and Pete Chippendale on the 4 th . Mick Martin on the 7 th , John Goff, Charlie Laverty and John Rudin on the 13 th . Kenny Windsor on the 15 th and John Goff on the 17 th . ********** Handicap Adjustments following todays rounds. Decreases. Andrew Chippendale . 23 to 22. new exact h/cap 21.5. John Goff. 9 to 8. new exact h/cap 7.9. Increases. Alan Bainbridge. 11 to 12. new exact h/cap 11.5. Colin Brown. 24 to 25. new exact h/cap 24.5. David Waddell. 10 to 11. new exact h/cap 10.5. oooOOOooo Top of page
Thursday 31 st October A lovely day for golf, and was enjoyed by the 43 members who turned out for today’s roll up competition. The format was the more popular of 1 on the 1 st 6, 2 on the 2 nd 6 and 3 on the 3 rd 6. The scoring was good with a close run thing for the top spot. CAPTAINS NOTICES. 1. At 8.30 this morning the committee held its final meeting of the year, to agree the Agenda for the A.G.M. and finalise the Treasurers report for the years finances. “Heading for hand over”. 2. Went to see Eric Norton on Tuesday, he is obviously deteriorating but is still very positive. 3. If you have not got your name down for the Shot gun start on November 12 th and wish to participate please do so a.s.a.p. as the draw will be made this coming Monday. 4. Bill Ansell is still in hospital but his operation went well and is looking forward to returning home soon. 5. You will have noticed that my grandson Charlie has been in attendance this morning, this in readiness of joining the seniors when he is too old for the junior team!!!! Todays results: The winning team with a fine score of 88 points . John Rudin, Mike Gamble and Keith Barratt. Best front 9 with 21 points, we had a tie. Melvin Baker and Mick Staite could not be separated on count back, so share the pot. Best back 9 with a score not to be caught of 24 points, Simon Gauntley.