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Week ending Saturday 2nd March  2019
PITCH MARKS We have arrived at that time of year again when we need to be reminded to repair our pitch marks. The greens are now soft and if you manage to put a towering ball on to the green it is going to leave a crater of some size. So let’s get into the habit of repairing any pitch marks we come across on the greens. Click here to view how to do this correctly.
Latest News
Tuesday 26th February
The unusual hot spell continues, we even had our first pair of shorts for the year today. Didn’t do a lot for his golf though. We did manage to achieve the completion of our first winter qualifier, with 61 members making up the field. Captains Notices. 1. Update on Peter Knowles. He has now been moved from the critical care ward into the surgical ward. He is off oxygen and is managing O.K. without it. Peter is delirious at times,  yesterday was a very bad day for this with him thinking that everyone in the ward had knives and were about to kill him, he was also very nasty to Liz, not like Peter at all. The doctors explained that this is quite normal after what Peter had been through with the surgery, drugs and the strange surroundings. They are hoping to get him out of bed fir the first time tomorrow. He is still very ill and recovery is going to be a long process. It is still not a good idea for visitors, we will be informed when it is O.K. to visit. 2. Steve Markham our fine Captain put on a display for his playing partners on the 7 th   tee when fell over the ropes off the tee. 3.  Nick Nicolle came in from his round full of beans, having just made a HOLE in ONE on the 17 th . Putting a bottle of wine in his cupboard and a double share in the 2’s competition. 4. Nice to see Maurice back, carrying out his voluntary duties with the results sheet and completion winnings. 5. It is confirmed that the format on Tuesday 5 th  March will be a Greensomes competition. Handicap management is as follows. To calculate a Greensomes Handicap, CONGU recommends it should be 0.6 of the lower player's handicap and 0.4 of the higher player's. If both handicaps  are equal, it should be half the combined total. Todays Results.   Division 1. 1 st  place with 41 points                                 Ian Dobson.                    2 nd  place with 39 points                              Kenny Windsor. 3 rd  place with 38 points Keith Barratt. Division 2 1 st  place with 39 points Keith Wright. 2 nd  place with 38 points a.c.b.   John Bremner. 3 rd  place with 38 points a.c.b.  Pete Chippendale. Nearest the pin 7 th  …….. John Dickie. Nearest the pin 17 th  ……. Nick Nicolle   with a Hole in One.    All in a days play for Nick. 2’s Competition. The were 6 players achieving 2’s today but one of them claimed a double helping for his hole in one. Alan Bainbridge, Dave Lynas, Reg Parker, Keith Barratt, John Dickie and Nick Nicolle. Handicap Adjustments following todays play. Decreases. Keith Barratt 18 to 17. New exact Hcp 17.4. Pete Chippendale 26 to 25. New exact Hcp 25.3. Ian Dobson 17 to 15. New exact Hcp 15.0 Kenny Windsor 17 to 16. New exact Hcp 6.2. Keith Wright 20 to 19. New exact Hcp 18.9. Increases. Geoff Emery 19 to 20. New exact Hcp 19.5. Rod Goss 11 to 12. New exact Hcp 11.5. Ron Jenkins 18 to 19. New exact Hcp 18.5. Jerry Jolly 21 to 22. New exact Hcp 21.5. oooOOOooo Thursday 28th February. Back to the blue tees for todays roll up, “Victor Sylvester” , 1, 2, 3. being the format.  The weather was a little cooler than of late and we also had the return of the Rutland breeze to ensure that an extra layer of clothing was needed. A fair turn - out of 42 members saw scoring return to sensible levels with just a couple of scores in the forties. Captains Notices. 1. Steve called for any more names for Captains Challenge, the draw to be made on Friday. 2. On behalf of the club he welcomed several new members who played today, unfortunately they had all gone home. 3. Peter Knowles is not so good and has gone back in to special care. 4. Very important. Alan Garner is collecting £2.00 from all members who wish to be included in the Hole in One Club. The top up is required following Nicks effort on Tuesday. 5. Steve announced his disappointment in the lack of prize winners still present at the end of the day.  It is almost a waste of time him announcing the competition results and any notices as almost everyone has gone home.    Todays Results.    Best front 9 with 22 points a.c.b. ………. Ron Snape.    Best back 9 with 24 points ……… Stuart Butler.     The winning team with 87 points.    Mick Miller, Barry Malthouse and Steve Jones.    Winter Knockout Semi Final.   Ian Dobson & Bob Bainbridge were taken all the way to the 18 th  to achieve victory over Pete   Kelleher & Mat Kunen by just the one hole. They now play Stuart Butler and Andrew Counsell in  the final.               oooOOOooo                                     To top of page